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Communicating in English is becoming more and more important in today's global economy. CTC Business English offers the kind of instructional conversation classes that every company wants: taught by experienced native English speakers, classes planned according to your needs into a complete course, enjoyable for the participants, and relevant to their career paths.

Our Mission

We aim to provide professionals with instruction that gives them the necessary English-speaking skills and confidence to meet the demands of their particular job now and throughout their career.

While developing the English level of participants, we build confidence. Instructors excel at creating an atmosphere that helps to not only learn English, but also to take pride in acquired ability.

Conversation Courses Offered

We offer a range of English courses to prepare company executives for any situation that they might encounter.

General Conversation

For companies that are interested in offering a well-rounded English curriculum, we offer a general conversation course. Participants will be exposed to numerous real-world situations.

  • Everyday conversation
    — based on real-business and real-life situations
  • Natural expressions
    — making your English more natural in the native country setting
  • Common mistakes
    — learn the pitfalls of directly converting Japanese expressions
Select Courses

For companies and organizations that are looking to improve specific areas of their staff's English as it pertains to business, we can prepare a full course plan and assign an instructor in the following categories.

  • Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Conducting meetings
  • Customer service (in-store, call center, etc.)

The seminar is usually a half-day course (three or four hours), complete in itself, to provide companies with a format to present a major theme of employee training using English conversation as the medium. Participants completing the seminar are evaluated and presented with certificates.

Customizing Instruction

We understand every company is a unique organization with different needs and aspirations. Classes should address these needs. We can customize each course to fit the specific needs and language requirements of our client companies. In consultation with the company's human resources and training department, courses are designed to meet client needs.

Level Checks and Placement

We offer level checks to assess the English level of individual employees. This can be initially important in making sure that participants attend classes appropriate for their starting ability and motivation to learn.

Fee Model

CTC Business English separates instruction fees from preparatory fees for instruction and teaching material fees. Clients are free to choose from materials and course plans developed originally by CTC or classes based on commercially available lesson texts.

Instruction Fee

The fee paid for the instructor conducting conversation classes on-site at your company. A transportation reimbursement is added, according to the instructor's commute. We consider the number of participants signed up for the class to determine this fee.

Course Planning Fee

CTC will plan an entire original course, based on the type and number of classes desired. The cost will depend on how much time we budget for creating the course and any out-of-pocket costs for materials.

Materials and Texts

CTC welcomes requests to use commercially available textbooks. CTC, however, suggests that creation of original courses will make English conversation classes much more relevant and realistic.

Management Fee

For any instruction arrangement with two or more instructors on a scheduled weekly basis, we may request a management fee to coordinate instructors and class instruction details.

Dear HR and Corporate Training Manager:

"I developed CTC Business English, because many companies are looking for ingenious English conversation instruction provided in a way that participants can really have a good time and learn a lot at the same time, so they look forward to attending, rather than thinking of excuses to miss their classes. Give us a call, and we can walk you through our offerings in person."

— Terry Chambers, Founder and Lead Instructor
Terry Chambers

Contact us today to set up an appointment and learn about what CTC Business English can do you for your business!

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